Introduction to Metro BMX

Are you biking or Motocross enthusiast? Do you love off-road cycling? Are you a newbie in Biking and you wish to give it a try? If the answer to the three questions is yes, then you are on the right track. Have you ever imagine riding with experts? It is a dream come true at Metro BMX. It is a dirt track with multiple hills, curves, tracks, jumps, and landings. It is a place to meet different bikers with different levels of techniques. For those with a boring weekend full of cricket, you can spice your life by visiting Metro BMX.

Why BMX Metro

Our BMX facility is designed to cover all biking racing needs. It accommodates all the players regardless of age and the level of experience. At BMX Metro, you can always learn something new. Starting from the gate, all the staffs are friendly and ready to help you. It is a place to find different cycling veterans who are ready to help you to make your racing career a success. For example, you will find Mr Count Kris Mulhause. He is a 27-year old veteran who won state BMX champion 10 times and also a National Cruiser champion of 2007. He conducts cycling training for different level riders.

BMX Metro Training

Despite your expertise level, you can always learn something new at BMX Metro. Count Kris holds a bachelors degree in kinesiology. He has all the required physical education teaching credentials. At the Metro BMX, he will teach the newbies the turn techniques, starting-gate balancing and also the need to make engine sounds from the mouth while cycling to make it more fun. Apart from the real track training, you will also get expert training on how to choose a good bike and the right attire. BMX Metro is a family-friendly track that guarantees you an experience of a lifetime.

High level BMX Racing: Championships and BMX betting

BMX is the acronym for Bicycle Motocross. BMX racing involves different ridders using their cycling power to maneuver a bike over banked corners, jumps and other obstacles. Both personal performance and team spirit are required for you to win. High level BMX events, such as the UCI BMX World Championships are very prestigious and where cyclists get to show off all their skills. They are also very lucrative in terms of prize money and sports betting.

Requirements Before Joining BMX Metro

Joining BMX Metro require only a small full annual membership fee of $60. There are different discounts you will enjoy such as the family discount that you receive when you recruit a family member. After that, you need to sign up the ABA application at the registration centre. Riding at BMX Metro is one of the safest places. It is always a mandatory prerequisite to wear protective attire such as gloves, helmet, full-body amour, and shoes with good threads. In case of any injury, there is a team of medical technicians to help you out. For those with a dream of competing for BMX races at different levels, BMX Metro is the best place to start. Before your bike is accepted at Metro BMX, it will need to be customized to fit their requirements. It should not worry you because you will get the required technical support. Before making your first ride, it is good to sit and watch others so as to master the basic requirements. Visit for more information.