Guide For Betting On Cricket Online

The growth of the sport, cricket, is well documented in recent times. Cricket has accumulated a truckload of fans who seem to be increasing by the day and as its fan base grows, so does its online cricket betting activities. Today, cricket betting online is one of the most common forms of betting for a couple of reasons, including the love for the game and a chance to earn handsomely.

If you’re new to the live cricket betting game, there are certain foundational knowledge that you must have to succeed. Things like knowing the best cricket bookies online, the cricket betting markets, the types of competitions to bet on and more, are very crucial to your success.

What is cricket betting?

IPL cricket betting

As one of the oldest sports, cricket betting is also arguably one of the oldest forms of gambling that sprang up in the 17th century. Basically, it involves wagering on the outcome of games for a chance to win, depending on the odds involved. To bet on cricket is not as daunting as it may sound, and when you get the basics right, your experience with cricket bets should be nothing short of exquisite.

Today, the possibility to bet on cricket online is powered by cricket betting sites that are run by bookmakers. The platform allows you to engage in match predictions for top competitions like the ICC cricket world cup and the Indian Premier League. You can easily do all these when you have the appropriate cricket betting apps.

There are a good number of being sites for cricket, therefore, leaving you with the option of which you’d prefer. However, before you dive right in, note that these different betting sites have their perks and downsides. For example, the qualities of bet365 would obviously stand out from betways. Your job is to study the best cricket betting sites, and then make an informed decision.

How does cricket betting work?

Before proceeding to wager, it is important that you understand how stuff works. Whether you’re a brand-new player or seasoned professional, one thing is certain, which is the fact that there is always room for improvement. Cricket online betting requires strategy and diving right in without one is one of the surest and quickest ways to lose your money. However, before we go into the strategy, let’s cover the basic things on how cricket betting works.

First, know that online cricket betting is not in any way different from the regular sports betting that you are already used to. The only difference, obviously, is in the sport itself. Therefore, like every other sports betting, you should start with finding the right bookie for you and proceed. Here are the steps to take:

  • Carry out research to select the right bookie for you;
  • Register an online betting account with the bookmaker;
  • Fund your online account through one of the accepted means;
  • Wager and wait for the outcome of games.

Usually, the wagering aspect is as simple as logging in, selecting your preferred match, the betting option, and then placing a bet. However, betting out of your mind is not really a good idea, instead, take time out to research the game. Always make an informed decision when betting because that’s as close as you can get to the possible outcome of the game, and as far away as you can get from a wild-goose chase.

Here are some of the tips you should consider for cricket betting:

  • Observe the weather for potential match disruption and wager on that
  • Consider the game format (Test, ODI and T20) before betting
  • Explore the different betting markets
  • Find value bets to ensure the risk of your wager doesn't outweigh the reward
  • Examine the stadium where the match would be played
  • Study team forms

Keeping these to heart, you would hardly take the wrong step while betting.

What are the cricket betting markets and best competitions to bet on?

The cricket betting markets combined with the right completion is a good mix that raises your chances of a win. Therefore, understanding it is crucial to every cricket bettor there is.

Cricket betting markets

Cricket betting markets are the potential outcome of games that you can bet on. Gone are the days when you can only bet on a win, or loss, or draw. Today, you can narrow that down to smaller details like the man of the match, or the team of the top batsman. Here are some of the best cricket betting markets to choose from:


One of the best favorite outcome that players bet on today is the over and underscore. Basically, it entails you posting a total score that you think the team that would win will have at the end of the match or series. The goal is to predict if the team’s score would fall short or shoot above the number provided by the sportsbook.

Series score

Series score is another good betting market where players bet on the score of the series. Here, you would be required to bet on the final score of the series, with options including the number of matches each time would win in the series. Make your predictions, sit back and wait for the outcome.

Method of dismissal

Everyone into live betting should check out the method of dismissal wager at least once. In this bet, you’d predict how a batsman would end up being dismissed. More often than not, you have the option of choosing either a runout, caught, stumped, bowled, LBW and more.

The Best competitions to bet on

Although there are a ton of options to choose from, the best competitions to bet on around the world today are:

  • The ICC cricket world cup
  • The Ashes Series
  • The Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • T20 WorldCup
  • Asia Cup
  • Big Bash League

Although the WorldCup is obviously the standout competition on the list, it only comes around every four years. Therefore, making IPL predictions or any other league all year round is a consistent way to win.

How do I find the best cricket bookies online?

Betting sites for cricket are not actually hard to find. Instead, chances are you already know most of them due to their aggressive marketing strategies. However, after compiling a list of the best, you should run them through these points to be sure they meet the minimum requirements before committing to any:

  • Available licenses
  • Welcome bonus
  • 24/7 customer service support
  • Mobile-friendliness for on the go gaming
  • A good number of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Considerable withdrawal duration (2 to 5 days)

After considering these factors, you can then proceed to choose your preferred bookie as there’s a slim chance that you’d end up with a scammer or low-quality bookie.