Introduction to BMX

Bike riding is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. At some point, all of us must have enjoyed riding a bike. However, there are people devoted to earning a living from bike riding. They compete on games known as BMX competition. BMX is simply an acronym for Bicycle Motocross. It is a game that involved different cyclists competing on a rigorous cycling exercise while showing cycling flamboyance. The best bikers get awards such as a gold medal. Winning a BMX competition is not a walk in the park. You will get rewarded by your hard work and dedication.

Types of BMX competition

BMX Racing involves players competing for a first-place on a long terrain. It involves hours of cycling. The is the player who finishes the game first. The terrain involves mountain climbing, descending valleys, and also rough roads. It is your perseverance and hard work that gives you success. However, there are special bikes involved to make the task manageable. All the bikes are similar in model and attribute to ensure the fairness of the game. Freestyle BMX competition happens on a hosted event. Cyclers show different skills and biking tricks. The one who shows exceptional skills wins the competition.

BMX Bikes Used

BMX competition requires off-road sports bicycles with the ability to withstand the nature of the terrain they get subjected to while playing. The body of those bikes is made up of high tensile steel (generation 3 Chromalloy). A standard BMX bike has a wheel size of 16 to 24 inches. The 24 inched wheels are used in cruiser bikes for Freestyle BMX since players can ump easily without losing control. Those wheels consist of 36 to 48 spokes. Depending on the type of BMX competition, there are different types of bikes involved such as Park bikes, Dirt bikes, Street Bikes, Flatland bikes, Race bikes, etc.

BMX Safety Equipment

Due to the fact that BMX competition is extreme, cyclers are prone to accidents and injuries. There are some attires used to keep such incidents minimal. The players must wear a FULL-FACE HELMET to avoid head injuries. BODY ARMOR includes knee, shin, and elbow pads used to cover the body from pain and injuries. As the players ride, the hands can become sweaty and lower the grip. As a result, players must wear GLOVES. The SHOES used here must cover the entire feet of the player. Their soles also must have some grooves to fit on the saddles while cycling.

Phases of BMX Race

The race is divided into three phases. THE TIME TRIALS involves each rider racing one course alone. He times himself to know the exact speed to use during the competition. THE QUALIFIES STAGE involves both semis and quarter-final stage. It involves three races each in a serious competition such as the Olympics. Each player gets the number of points equivalent to the position (8th position gets 8 points while 1st position gets 1 point). In each group, only four riders qualify to the next stage. FINAL STAGE- it involves 8 best riders from different groups. The person who closes the line first is considered to be the winner.